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Some of our A.K.S. students and instructors have been participating in various tournaments, as well as conducting classes and seminars that have been video recorded.  There is also some "vintage" footage of instuctors in tournaments / seminars / or exhibitions.  We are working on instructional footage from Sensei Lieb that we will be able to share when these videos have been uploaded to the "YouTube" website.

We have created this "Video-Link" page so that we may share these with our members and guests.   We will be adding more links as they become available.  Enjoy.

A.K.S. Video Listings
Ernest H. Lieb - 10th Dan AKS Founder Ernest H. Lieb  10th Dan  AKS AKS Founder

1971 Seminar/Camp  This video footage of Mr. Lieb instucting in a summer camp/seminar environment was found on the internet by Fred Reinecke.  We have been given permission to link to this video, courtesy of Carlos Howard, 5th Dan Sam Chapman's American Karate.  Sam Chapman was a student of Mr. Lieb's and is one of his "Uki's" in this video.

Mike Sullenger - AKS Chief Instructor Michael A. Sullenger  9th Dan  AKS  Chief Instructor

Here are a couple of "vintage" videos.  A board breaking demo in South Bend in 1972 - 3 months before meeting Mr. Lieb, and a sparring video from 1975.  These are windows WMV files and can be viewed with Windows Media Player.

1972 Sound Bend Demo   A five board break with a step across side kick, and then break a single board with a cresent kick.

1975 - Sparring   Sparring with a friend named Norberto Sanchez in McAllen, Texas in 1975.   At the end of the video, I catch him with a sweep which many of my students were painly familar with.   LOL

1975 Kata Competion in Harlingen Texas  This one is in Texas where I'm using Cat 1 during a competition in which I won first place.  This is a YouTube Video.

1975 Heavy Weight Semi-Finals Competion in Harlingen Texas  Clip of Mike Sullenger competing in Heavy Weight Semi-Final round.  This is a YouTube Video.

Fred Reinecke 8th Dan Frederic A. Reinecke  8th Dan   AKS Assistant Chief Instructor

Holland, MI - March 22, 2008 - Fred says, "I competed in Holland at the Western Michigan Karate Championships and had a pretty good day.  Even though, as we speak, I'm nursing some bruised ribs and my hips aren't working as well as they were on Saturday.  I came a heartbeat away from taking the Grand Championship match but lost in sudden death.  Oh well, there is one more tournament on the schedule for April and then I'm through until I get the itch to compete again."

Tunfa Kata

Black Belk Senior Forms 1st Place

1st Place Match Heavy Weight Division

1st Match Black Belt Senior Division

Match for 1st Place Senior Black Belt Division

Grand Championship Match 3/22/2008

February 2008
Grand Rapids, MI February 16, 2008 - Fred took Grand Champion in Black Belt Heavy Weight Division

Match 1 Mr. Reinecke is in black ghi and fighting as "white flag"

Match 2 Mr. Reinecke is in black ghi and fighting as "red flag"

Grand Championship Match Mr. Reinecke is in black ghi and fighting as "white flag"

Dave Thomas - 8th Dan
David Eric Thomas - 4th Dan

 Dave Thomas  8th Dan  AKS Assistant Chief Instructor / Chief Instructor American Karate Club

 David Eric Thomas  4th Dan  Tri-Cities Family YMCA-AKS Karate Club

  Demo   The Muskegon Karate Club at Ross Park School in Muskegon, Michgan and the Tri-Cities Family YMCA-AKS Karate Club in Grand Haven, Michigan put on a Demo for Grand Haven's 2012 Winterfest celebration.

E. Jude Gore - 6th Dan
Brian Greynolds - 4th Dan

E. Jude Gore  6th Dan  AKS  Chief Instructor of the Mountaineer Karate Club

Brian Greynolds  4th Dan Mountaineer Karate Club

Tiger 2   Performed by a 7-year-old green belt AKS Student at Mountaineer Karate Club

Tiger 3   Performed by an 8-year-old green belt AKS Student at Mountaineer Karate Club

Mark Hainen 2nd Dan

Mark Hainen 2nd Dan   AKS Assistant Instructor  West Toledo YMCA Karate & Self-Defense Program

2010 Toledo Seminar YouTube Videos 2009 Toledo Seminar YouTube Videos

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